I think a lot of thoughts, it's a terrible habit

What I think about thinking

Well, I think thinking is great! For me it is euphoric, when my mind acts like a popcorn machine, popping tons of delicious, buttery thoughts. I think the mind is like a muscle; the more you think, the better you are at thinking. The more deep thoughts you have, the longer your mind lasts while having these deep thoughts, and the deeper you can think. If you are used to having shallow thoughts, that will be your minds default setting; any step towards depth will cause your mind to ache. No one wants an achey mind.

What I like to think about

From time to time, I think about what I like to think about.  Well, I think I like thinking about things like: time machines, which way is the best way to lace your shoe, quantum mechanics, the weirdness of search engines, dreaming, and, most prominently, the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything! (42)

What you think about says a lot about you, I think. What do you think you like to think about?